Sunday, 24 March 2013

To be read in a strong South Walean Accent...

To be read in a strong South Walean Accent...

Duw, Duw...There's luvley, boys bach... etc

Yup we've come over to Welsh Wales to visit mum and dad for a couple of days right over on the west coast. We hired a car from enterprise for their usual great price and service, picked up from the boat, taken to the office and even upgraded to a higher spec. 

Boring journey though, through rain and down too many motorways. At least we avoided the snow and ice that the rest of the of the Midlands and the north were getting. We did have a quick pee stop in Crosshands and bought a few bits and some flowers. The very friendly assistant offered us a shop discount mag which I was just about to decline before he said "now if you give that back to me, I can give you a ten percent discount", he even tore the token out of the mag for us - not bad customer service eh?

We made it the two hundred miles or so by about seven o'clock, not much before mum and dad had got back from visiting my sister in Cardiff. We had a great evening eating, drinking and catching up.

Up at the lark again today for a stroll around the village of St Dogmaels  (Llandudoch, its proper name). Its been a few years since we walked around the attractions, so I've added a few pictures. 

Opposite side of the road gives a good view of the estuary

Abbey ruins in the village about half a mile away

Abbey and village

Tide on the way out

Mum and dad's place

Annex to the side is à lovely little two bedroom holiday cottage - available to rent at a great price (also a one bedroom detached bungalow behind them, dogs welcome!)

Proper vicarage next to the Abbey

No bad girls step here, I let her out eventually

Pond for the working mill

Fishing fleet a bit bigger than it is now

Once the rest of the household was up and about we headed off to the town of Cardigan about a mile away for a little retail therapy and to meet grandad for a coffee. He still walks down the hill to his favorite cafe for a cuppa and a ham roll most days, stopping for a good old chin wag with the locals before getting his shopping - not bad for someone a few weeks from his ninety sixth birthday! 

What do septuagenarian get up to on a chilly Saturday night 

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