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Monday 19th August
At Bugbrooke getting a few more jobs done and also exploring the wonderful countryside here.

Tuesday 20th August
We went to the Bugbrooke Community Cafe for breakfast this morning, it was nice to see it really busy. The cafe is run by volunteers and is open 9 - 12:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 9 - 4 on Saturday. If you are in or passing through Bugbrooke it really is worth a visit, good food and very reasonably priced, it's only a short stroll from the canal at The Wharf. I had the full breakfast of sausage, bacon, egg, beans and toast for only £2.95. The large version with 2 of everything was only £4.75 and with tea at 60p a mug you really can't go wrong, but then I do love a cooked breakfast.

Wednesday 21st August
We walked along the canal as James had arranged to get some hardwood from 'Good Timber'. A most amazing place that sold hardwoods of all description, they had a huge workshop where they cut timber to your own requirements as well as off the shelf blocks for creating bowls, pens, guitars, etc.

Thursday 22nd August
Bugbrooke - Whilton 
6.5 miles and 0 locks

Mooring spot near Whilton

Friday 23rd August and Saturday 24th August
It's a lovely spot with fields both sides and nice outlook, unfortunately though beyond the field one side is the M1 and to the other is the main railway from London to Birmingham along with all the Virgin trains whizzing by, although on Sundays there are hardly any. James has been continuing  improving the outside of LJ, this time the back deck got the treatment, he also managed to order some more paint through Whilton Chandlers so using the last of the slightly light paint for the first coat.

The sheep had only just arrived with lovely fresh grass to eat

Sunday 25th August
Today started off raining, so it was a bit of a lazy morning, Adam and Adrian past us on Briar Rose on the start of their Big Trip. An hour or so later the rain cleared so we took walk up the Buckby flight to see if Briar Rose was still around. We caught up with with them at the top lock and had a brief chat whilst they stopped at the water point. It was good to meet Adam and Adrian at last as the few other times our paths have crossed it's just been a shout across to say hello. 

Off on their 'Big Trip'

Cruising - 6.5 miles
Locks - 0 


Monday 26th August
Today was a Bank Holiday so again very few trains going by. 

Tuesday 27th August - Thursday 29th August
Our Beta Marine engine is housed in a big white box, over the years the tray at the bottom has been collecting oil, maybe from previous oil leaks and when oil changes have happened, James decided it would be good to get it clean again! He got the Pela pump out and the majority of it was sucked out, but the pump is no good for the last bits - so guess who got the job of doing that!! I though my time of getting close and personal with the engine had ended but no, I got even closer to the big lump. Using nearly a whole kitchen roll I managed to clean the rest of the tray and amazingly it is white, before looking down from the top of the engine it was just black at the bottom now it is gleaming white.

Friday 30th August
We were collected from the entrance of Whilton Marina and taken to Daventry Enterprise to get our hire car - heading for Mortimer (Near Reading) for my appointment at the Doctors. All went well with the doctor saying he would refer me to the Audiology Department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and that I should get an appointment within about six weeks. It was back to Mums for a lovely dinner before heading down to the South Coast to Poole and see Jess and Lee.

Saturday 31st August
We had promised Jess last time that on our next visit we would get the outside of the house painted at the back, so it was a trip to Inexcess and B&Q to get some paint. Back at the house James and I got to work painting and we were rewarded with a lovely lunch of various sandwiches and a huge selection of cupcakes with different flavoured icings that Jess had been busy making. After lunch it was off to the fabric shops to find some material for our curtains and port hole bungs on LJ. In the evening it was off to our favourite Chinese restuarant, Mac's Garden, which unfortunately has new owners and isn't quite as good as it used to be.

Sunday 1st September
There was some major football match on today involving Manchester United and as Lee is a huge fan we went off to he pub to watch the game having lunch and a drink whilst there. In the evening Jess and Lee made mussel risotto which was very nice.


Monday 2nd September
We had a fairly early start as we needed to be in Daventry to get the car back on time. We got back to LJ and Hadar was moored in front of us so we said hello to Jo and Keith (fellow bloggers) who said they are taking a blogging break at the moment.

Tuesday 3rd September
Whilton - Bridge 3, GU Leicester Section
2.75 miles and 7 locks
It was time to face the Buckby flight again, it had been tough going on our way down back in April so I wasn't looking forward to it  - I think I must have gained some muscles since then as it didn't seem as bad this time. Just as we were ready to set off a boat passed so we followed on to share the locks. They were a lovely couple, Peter and Julie on Molly May and we made good timing up the flight saying our goodbyes at top where we stopped for water.

Heading for Buckby bottom lock

Lois Jane and Molly May with James and Peter

Into lock 9

At Norton Junction where we're turning right

and heading along the Leicester section

Wednesday 4th September - Saturday 7th September
Our mooring spot is in  a lovely position and really peaceful and quiet (I did ask James if it was as quiet, have made the mistake of saying it's quiet when we have been fairly close to a motorway - well it was quiet for me!!) so we decided to stay put until Sunday when our visitors were arriving. I got the curtains made and hung much to James' surprise, previously it would take me a while to complete any sewing jobs, but then I was working full time and had a house to keep up when not working. We also managed to get some more logs for the fire too, James got the chainsaw out and cut them it small pieces for storing neatly on the roof until he needed to split them.

Mooring with Bridge 3 behind us

Our view for the next few days

Tunnel under the canal

Curtain making in progress

Lining being added

Finishing off

All done

The first few logs - many more to follow

Sunday 8th September
Bridge 3 - Crick
4 miles, 7 locks (including 4 staircase) and 1 tunnel
Our visitors arrived this morning, Lyn, Lee, Dad and Celia. We had a lovely day and the weather was good apart from a very small shower, which wasn't enough to get the waterproofs on.

Heading for the Watford flight

Cruising - 6.75 miles
Locks - 14
Tunnels - 1


Cruising - 288.25
Locks - 194
Tunnels - 6
Bridges - 6

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