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Monday 9th September
It rained on and off nearly all day with some really heavy showers. We got out though and had a stroll along the canal, through some fields and back through Crick. There are a few pubs, Co-op and a post office.

Mooring at Crick

Entrance to Crick tunnel

Tuesday 10th September
I had my hospital appointment with the Audiology Department at the Royal Berks today, it has only been 10 days since the referral from my GP and that includes two weekends so I'm very impressed as I was expecting at least six weeks before my appointment. All went well and I have an appointment on 23rd September for hearing aids to be fitted, so it will then be 22 days since my initial GP appointment, that is so different from when I went to my GP when living in Poole over four years ago, I had been going back and forth to Poole Hospital for nearly two years and nothing being resolved, but I suppose some of the ground work had been covered as I was told I had Otosclerosis though the ENT Department as they don't really have an Audiology Department to speak of. We then went to Mum's in Mortimer and went out for dinner in the evening to Spice Oven in Caversham, what a great place and right near the Thames. It was getting quite late by the time we left Mum's and didn't get back to Crick until after midnight.

Wednesday 11th September
We had to get the hire car back to Daventry and stopped off at Tesco to stock up before Enterprise dropped us back at Crick.

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th September
We went for a walk to the nearby village of Yelvertoft doing a circular walk through the fields and back by the canal.

Picking blackberries

The Reading Rooms in Yelvertoft

The village shop and post office

Saturday 14th September
Crick - Bridge 29 Elkington
5.5 miles
We were stayed on in Crick for a few days longer as it was the Crick Feast this weekend and we wanted to have a quick look around before moving off, it is an historic event in the village and I think started off as a large scale Harvest Festival. At various locations around the village were different kinds of stalls and exhibitions ranging from classic cars, vegetable shows, history of Crick exhibitions, vegetable show, wood turning and blacksmiths. After our stroll round in the morning we got back to LJ and after getting diesel and pumpout at Crick Marina (unfortunately we just missed Mark on the fuel boat Callisto) we continued our journey towards Debdale.

A selection of tractors on display

And also various lawnmowers

I just loved this car

Sunday 15th September
Bridge 29 Elkington  - Bridge 59 near Foxton
12 miles and 1 tunnel
We had a very early start to miss the bad weather that was forecast.

The early morning mist

Overnight mooring

Husbands Bosworth tunnel

The farmer's been busy

17.5 miles
1 tunnel


Monday 16th September
Had a wander down to the Foxton locks and also to look a the site of the inclined plane.

Inclined Plane

Mooring near Bridge 59 before Foxton

Tuesday 17th September
Bridge 59 near Foxton - Debdale Wharf
2 miles and 10 locks (2 x 5 staircase)
We arrived at the top of the locks and stopped at the water point, whilst filling I went off to find the lock keeper. The locks were quite busy with lots going down, the lockie told me there were a couple of boats that had been waiting at the bottom for some time so we would have to wait. We had a wait of about two and a half hours as the boats going down had to finish and the two at the bottom, which was now three, had to all come up.

Bottom lock of the Foxton flight

Outside the entrance to Debdale Wharf

Wednesday 18th September
Today was the day when LJ would be lifted and blacked, this was the first time we had seen her out of the water as when we bought her we didn't make it in time when she was out for the survey.

Ready to go up

and she's out

Dean getting to work with the pressure washer

Thursday 19th September
Dean at Debdale was busy getting LJ blacked whilst I was making the most of the shore power and made a huge roast.

Friday 20th September
Debdale Wharf - Bridge 5 Foxton Village
2.25 miles and 2 swing bridges 
Time for LJ to go back in. We then headed off back towards Foxton as we had another hire car booked for the weekend.

All done and ready to go back in 

Through the first swing bridge on Market Harborough arm

Moored up just after bridge 5

Nice sunny spot

Saturday 21st September
Enterprise in Corby came and collected us from the swing bridge at Foxton village and took us back to their office where we picked up our car, this time they had very kindly given us a free upgrade from Class A to C. We then headed off to Mums in Mortimer where Jess was meeting us for the weekend as well.

Sunday 22nd September
The weather was kind to us and we had a lovely day, I mowed mum's lawn and we managed to replant a tree which was growing in a pot and needed a helping hand out! We also went out for a walk with the dogs that mum looks after.

4.25 miles
10 locks
2 swing bridges


Monday 23rd September
It was an early start as we needed to be at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for my appointment at 8:45am which meant making our way across Reading in the rush hour, as we left early we missed most of the traffic and arrived at the hospital just after 8am so we went to the cafe for tea and toast. All went well at the appointment with the hearing aids being fitted and adjusted. It was only afterwards, when reading a leaflet I had be given, that I realised that Reading has one of the largest Audiology Departments in the UK and trials all the latest equipment. We made our way back up to Foxton and LJ stopped off briefly to pick up some shopping, after this was all put away we made the most of still having the hire car and went to visit Les and Mea at Hinckley before they return to their island living in Thailand. 

Tuesday 24th September
Bridge 5 Foxton Village - Market Harborough
4.75 miles
This is a lovely rural part of the canal with only a couple of road bridges and nothing else until you nearly get to the basin itself where we turned and moored on the stretch just outside. In the evening we cycled down to the town where we got a Chinese take away and then headed back to the basin to eat it al fresco.

Enjoying our chinese takeaway

with a view of Market Harborough basin

Wednesday 25th September
Market Harborough - Foxton visitor moorings
5.5 miles and 2 swing bridges
We walked back to Market Harborough for a look around, it's only about a 10 minute walk from the basin, it quite a sizable old market town with some lovely historic buildings. On our walk back James manged to get pooed from a great height, by a pigeon I think! Back at LJ we decided to move off and made our way back to Foxton.

Market Harborough

Pigeon got James

Oops forgot the mooring picture - it was that space on the right

Going through the road swing bridge

and the smaller pedestrian one

Thursday 26th September
We had a lazy morning with a stroll up to the locks and the little shop at the bottom of the locks. In the evening Adam and Adrian from Briar Rose joined us for a curry followed by cake which Adam had made. We really enjoyed the evening with great company.

Visitor mooring at Foxton

Friday 27th September
Foxton - Aqueduct near Bridge 77
6 miles, 5 locks and 1 tunnel

Approaching Saddington tunnel

Mooring just before the Aqueduct after bridge 76

Saturday 28th September
Aqueduct near Bridge 77 - Kilby Bridge moorings
3.5 miles and 7 locks
Again it was a lovely day with the sun out and quite warm. We had a bit of a wait at our first lock, Newton top lock, as the pound below was drained, apparently the last boat through the night before had left one of the paddles open, it wasn't too long before we were on our way again. James spent the afternoon starting the touch up work on the side and gunwhales where we've managed to get a few scratches.

Lois Jane at Kilby Bridge moorings

Sunday 29th September
We staying put a Kilby whilst James is taking the opportunity to continue the painting, it's another sunny day although the wind has picked up a bit today.

19.75 miles
12 locks
1 tunnel
2 swing bridges

330.25 miles
216 locks
8 tunnels
10 swing bridges

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