Thursday, 12 September 2013

Visitors and a trip to Crick

On Sunday Lyn, Lee, Dad and Celia arrived for a visit, we were going to take them on a short trip up to Crick, but first the cars had to be shuffled so we had one at the start and one at the finish point so no-one would have to walk back.

With the cars sorted it was tea and biscuits before we set off. We have been moored opposite an apple tree with lovely red apples looking just about ready to fall, so James maneuvered LJ to the opposite side, I stood on the roof and we managed to get a bowl full of apples, then we were off. It was about a mile to the Watford flight of locks passing by Watford Gap motorway services.

We're off (I'm on the roof ready for apple picking)

Once we arrived I headed off to find the lockie to book in, the flight was very busy with quite a few boats coming down that we would have to wait for, although we could go through the first lock and wait in the pound for the staircase to clear so it was time for some soup and homemade bread and breadsticks before setting off for the rest of locks. We were third in the queue to go up with a least another two waiting behind us. Lee and I got LJ though the first lock and then Dad helped us with the rest, wow two helpers at the locks - I could get used to that!!

Heading for the bottom lock

Dad securing LJ for our wait up the staircase

We made it through the staircase without incident and continued on towards Crick tunnel. Both James and I had read that it was a really wet one so as we approached the entrance we all put on our waterproofs, there was one small section that was a bit wet but it was probably the driest tunnel we have been through. Once through the tunnel we continued on past the bridge and managed to get a mooring spot opposite Crick Marina.

In the second staircase lock

This is James' view!!  

Lee waiting for the lock to fill

Dad and I the other side

Just leaving the staircase with one more lock to go

Dad and Lee went off to retrieve the car which was left where we started whilst the rest of us headed up to the Moorings Restaurant for a drink before dinner.  After about an hour of sitting outside by the canalside (it's a great spot) we went inside for a lovely Sunday roast. Dad and Ceila then headed off as they had a very early start in the morning having a train booked back home to Scotland. Lyn and Lee came back with us to LJ for coffee and cake before heading back to Reading.

We had a really lovely day and it was great to see everyone again and Lee I'll certainly be letting you know when we have another big lock flight to do!


  1. Are you heading towards Leicester? we are here until 3oth September and then heading towards Crick, be great to get together before the year is out? Doug and James x

    1. We're booked in for blacking at Debdale next week, then carrying on up so our paths will cross. Will be lovely to meet up again. xx

  2. Look forward to seeing you at some point then, will keep in touch x