Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brinklow to Braunston to Rugby

Last Tuesday we left Brinklow stopping off at Lime Farm Marina to meet up with John to see if alterations we want to do to LJ are possible and at what price. After spending a couple of hours there and him making substantial notes to get prices together we set off for the short journey to Rugby, stopping at Elliots Field. We topped up the cupboards as Tesco was right on our doorstep and we hadn't been back long when Bob on Autumn Myst passed by and hovered mid canal for a quick hello and chat.

Elliots Field
Wednesday Jess was due into Rugby by train for a few days visit, her train was due at 8:50pm so we set of at just after 8:00pm for the walk there, I had looked at Google Maps and there seemed to be a pathway leading down the side of Tesco, across the River Avon and coming out near the station. We set off down the fairly darkwalk way, which had a few street lights down it, I noticed three people walking a little way ahead and James recognised Doug and James (from Chance) along with their friend Manel, they were just as surprised to see us and we them. It was arranged to meet up after we had met Jess off the train, and, as usual, we had a fantastic evening with them.

Another lovely evening
Thursday we pulled pins (well actually we removed ropes from rings, but it doesn't sound as good) and headed for Braunston, passing by Chance the other side of the bridge.

Passing 'Chance'

We got to the Hillmorton Locks, the first narrow locks for Jess. I don't think she has forgiven us yet for her first lock experience when we went through Camden on a Bank Holiday!! The top lock at Hillmorton was closed for maintenance, always interesting to see what is normally below water.

Middle lock at Hillmorton

Empty top lock

 Then along through the lovely countryside reaching a very quiet Braunston, on arrival we spotted Smiffbob the Sandhills latest boat that was launched earlier in the year. We moored up shortly after the junction opposite The Boathouse.

Smiffbob, Sandhills No 25

Moored in Braunston

Out for a walk, the tunnel under the canal just behind

Wolfhampcote Church

Jess and me on the bridge overlooking Braunston Marina
After a lovely couple of days it was time to make our way back to Rugby so Jess could get the train back home. We all went to Coventry and it happened to be the Sky Ride day where one side of the ring road was closed off for cyclists. 

Sky Ride just started
Then it was a visit to Ikea before heading back to the station where Jess headed home and we headed back to Rugby.

Moored back in Rugby, this time at Brownsover

25 miles and 6 locks
Total 472.5 miles and 368 locks

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