Monday, 15 September 2014

Hawkesbury to Brinklow

On Saturday we had a brief visit from Heather on Smile and Wave, they passed by and moored up on the Coventry Canal side of the junction, Heather wandered back to have a chat and also look out for friends of theirs who were following on a bit behind, we were briefly interrupted by a hire boat bashing its way around the corner, passing by us and shortly after clattering into a boat on the permanent moorings. Thanks for stopping by Heather it was good to see you again.

Saturday evening saw us in the very busy Greyhound Inn, we actually managed to get a table, well a share of one, and had an enjoyable evening.

Our intention was to set off from Hawkesbury on Sunday, but we didn't because it was busy so we thought we'd leave them all to it and not add to the congestion. We took a stroll back to the junction in the morning and did a bit of gongoozling, it just so happen we watched the hire boat from yesterday go through the lock, a member of their crew seemed to have difficultly dropping the paddle behind them so left it up. A couple of guys from the Coventry Canal Society were following on a boat behind them and raised the paddles in front to help them on their way, everyone stood around for some time before James had to go and let them know that paddles both ends were open, luckily its only a stop lock so nothing drastic this time. The hire boat wasn't doing too bad a job of the turn until there were a couple of other boats coming towards him at the narrow section by the pump house, after a bit of confusion as no one was indicating their intentions and at that point it really did look like the hire boat was trying to wind, everyone was soon on their way.

So this morning we set off, but as usual for us not far. We passed through Ansty where the 'Strictly no mooring' section has increased further from the permit holder moorings right through to the M69 bridge. I wonder why there is no mooring here? And is it really necessary for all these signs in about two boat lengths? 

I am always reminded of a nasty lady when we come through this way. When we very first hired from Lime Farm Marina, which is only about seven miles away, we got to this section and it poured down and hailed as we couldn't really see much and being first timers we thought it would be safer to stop and having spotted the mooring rings and a vacant spot we pulled in, we did overshoot it somewhat and I jumped off in the 'strictly no mooring' section, so we were just going to pull the boat back to the rings. I could soon hear some shouting and a lady appeared from one of the houses, as she got closer I could make out her shouting at us 'you can't stop here, its no mooring' and pointing to the many signs. I tried to explain we were just stopping because of the weather and were pulling back onto the rings, she just continued to shout and scream at me about no mooring here. bearing in mind it was absolutely pouring down I really couldn't understand her actions. Anyway I am always reminded of the incident and unfriendliness of Ansty.

We continued on passing under the M6 and then into a section made narrow by the overgrown reeds on the offside.

Next up was Rose Boats and their little swing bridge, I jumped off and opened it, it wasn't until James was going through I realised there was an arrow on it indicating which way to push, oops I had gone the wrong way, I did try both but pushing it the correct way it wouldn't budge, once James and LJ were through and it did close OK.

We stopped just short of All Oaks Wood on the visitor moorings and had a walk into Brinklow Village, and as it was lunchtime we had a bag of chips and sat on the new benches by the new war memorial. It was lovely and warm this morning with some sun, but this afternoon we've had a few showers.

Tomorrow it's back to Lime Farm Marina to see John, the owner, to get a quote for some work we want doing on LJ.

7.75 miles
Total 447.5 miles and 362 locks

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