Friday, 12 September 2014

Nuneaton to Hawkesbury

11th September

Well very nearly up to date with the blog at last!!

The last couple of days we have been moored the closest we could get to the Bermuda Industrial Park near Nuneaton, so James could visit the men's toyshop, Axminster Tools and Machinery, and it happens to be the largest of their six stores. It's just a short stroll from the canal up there and on our first trip he got a different type of glue to try, the second trip this morning was to replace an £8.75 collet which unfortunately took a dive into the canal, after an hour and a half looking round we came out with a chuck set costing a little bit more at £130, but I suppose it could have been worse there were some individual ones at close on £200.

Nuneaton's Axminster store
The weather has been gorgeous and James has been doing some woodwork on the lathe, while I have been busy with my sewing machine, it's all been very industrious on LJ and with the sun on the solar panels to power it all. I did venture out to pick some blackberries but it was very disappointing not many collected I guess it is getting a little late for them now, especially as they were so early this year.

There was some work, or possibly survey, being done on the bridge behind us, which a raft arrived for. They set up a scaffold on it and had to keep moving it out of the way for the boats to pass by.

The scaffold raft arriving

Our little neighbour for a few days, she enjoyed floating on her own reed raft
After our little shopping trip this morning it was wise to move on before James could think of anything else he needed at Axminster, that's the problem being near shops - we spend money. We continued on past Marston Junction where the Ashby Canal goes off, past Charity Dock, then arrived at Hawkesbury Junction, where we spent the winter in 2012/2013. 

Charity Dock

This collection seems to grow every time we pass
We did the 180 turn at the junction past the Greyhound pub, which was quite busy for a weekday, on to the Oxford Canal, through the stop lock and then moored up just after.

The familiar view of the Pump House at Hawkesbury Junction

The Greyhound on a lovely sunny day

Moored up just after the stop lock

3.5 miles and 1 lock
Total 439.75 miles and 362 locks


  1. Hiya, we are at Hawksbury tomorrow on the return leg of our journey back to Lancashire. We got as far as Bristol Harbour after we met you on the Llangollen. Hope you have had a great summers cruising.
    Maybe we will catch you tomorrow if you have not passed us already.
    Take care
    Heather & Mike NB Smile and Wave xxxx

  2. Hi Heather and Mike, we will still be at Hawksbury tomorrow, we are moored on the Oxford just before the stop lock be good to catch up xx