Tuesday, 1 March 2016


On 7th February it was time to briefly leave Birmingham, we had vague plans to head for Tipton, its handy there as it's near a train station. But on the Sunday when we were heading off the weather forecast wasn't looking too good so we decided to head for Bournville instead. The visitor moorings are right next to the train station, I had a few work assignments booked in for the week, in Birmingham city centre, Walsall and very handily Bournville itself.

Leaving Birmingham looking at Broad Street Bridge with Gas Street Basin beyond

Passing the ICC

And Gas Street Basin

Gas Street Basin again with Jimmy Spices on the left

A relatively new bridge built in the old style with the old stop lock 

The Mailbox and The Cube

On Dudley's first birthday (9th Feb) we went for a stroll around Bournville and into Stirchley, there are some lovely houses on the Bournville Estate built for the Cadbury workers when the factory here opened. Cadbury,'s had chosen this site due to the location right near the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. On our walk we ended up at a cafe, as you do, Dudley was allowed in and the lovely couple running it made such a fuss of him, we had mentioned to them that it was his birthday, and when they bought our lovely full English breakfast over there was a little plate with chopped up sausage for his birthday.

Bournville Moorings, the railway is the other side of the hedge
On Saturday we continued on to Kings Norton junction, with the Stratford canal, winded and made our way back into Birmingham and Cambrian Wharf. The moorings at Bournville were good and it was great being right near the station, but James was being kept awake from the noise early morning and late at night, the train service is excellent every 10 minutes into and out of Birmingham and also the odd freight train in the early hours. I was OK I slept through it, but you can only take so much interrupted sleep. Also with the forecast looking to turn colder we didn't want to be iced in there so we headed back for the comforts of city centre living.

Kings Norton Junction

This is the sign above the front door of the house

10 miles and 0 locks
TOTAL 19.5 miles and 3 locks

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