Thursday, 3 March 2016

Waring's Green to Lowsonford

Tuesday 23rd February
We left fairly early, it was lovely and sunny but feeling very chilly, we were soon through Hockley Heath and I had two manual draw bridges to do to help keep me warm, the first was ok but the second one was really quite a job. Lowering it was actually harder than raising it but I managed, well I had to the controls are on the off side so not particularly easy to get to from the boat, it must be quite tricky for single handers.

This was the first bridge
After the second bridge we were soon into the Lapworth Lock flight and we made fairly good time down stopping briefly in lock 13 to sweep the chimney, it was much easier lowering the boat a little, we stopped for an hour or so for lunch after lock 14 and then continued on with the rest of the flight carrying straight on at Kingswood Junction to stay on the Stratford Canal, we were now on new waters again.

Moored on the lock landing with electric supply from the wood yard

Dudley making use of the doggie windows

A few locks to go

Kingswood Junction

That way leads to the Grand Union Canal

The Stratford-on-Avon Canal is another canal which is referred to as the North Stratford and South Stratford and they really are quite different, after the junction the little barrel-roof cottages appear by lock sides, although some of them have had major extensions built.

Lots of brick work had be carried on on this lock, along with a new gate
We carried on down through a few more locks before stopping opposite the Fleur-de-Lys at Lowsonford, again there were mooring rings.

7 miles and 29 locks
TOTAL 39.5 miles and 32 locks


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