Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Catherine-de-Barnes to Star City

There is not a lot in Catherine-de-Barnes and a very busy road runs across the canal, there is a small village shop and a Chef and Brewer pub. We had planned to only stop for the night but on a walk with Dudley we spotted some Ash wood piled next to the canal, as our wood stock has been used and the coal was running low we decided to stock up, although spring is on its way it is still quite chilly. We now let the fire go out overnight and as we are busy during the day it doesn't need re-lighting until around 4ish.

The following morning James completed a commission pen and late afternoon we moved up the canal slightly to pick up the wood, staying there overnight.

Next morning we set off through Solihull and then the Camp Hill lock flight, these are six narrow locks, with lovely old buildings just before them. The flight was well kept and there was hardly any rubbish until we reached the bottom, I guess it was all being flushed down. At Bordesley Junction we turned right and through Garrison Locks and then onwards down to Star City for the night.

Excellent path for cycling but definitely a no mooring zone

Approaching Camp Hill top lock

'The Arches'

And the bottom lock - along with all the rubbish

Such a shame - the old lock cottage at Garrison locks

10 miles and 11 locks

TOTAL 79 miles and 109 locks

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