Friday, 27 July 2012

Lock Time ....

After our look round the market in Atherstone we waited until late afternoon to start our descent down the Atherstone Locks.  The locks are grouped with five together and the further six grouped in three pairs, James and I had decided to do the first five and then moor up for an overnight stay, but we were making good progress and quite enjoying it we continued on through the first pair and then the second.  I had my bike so getting between the locks was easy for me, once the two gates were closed it was 'on me bike' and heading for the next one to get it ready for James and Lois Jane to enter.  We were quite lucky that we had passed another boat coming the other way so the locks should be in our favour, unfortunately though most of the bottom gates were letting quite a lot of the water out so the levels weren't right and I couldn't get the top gate open, therefore it was a case of opening the paddles to let more water in and then quickly getting the gate opening before it all escaped again!  

Once away from the flight of five the pairs are quite rural and James even had a go of opening the bottom paddle before running back to take charge of LJ again before she went too far down, he has the job of keeping her off the cill on the way down.  A couple of the locks were quite deep, I'm pleased I was at the top doing the hard work!

In the lock ready for the descent
Now waiting for the bottom gates to be opened
Going between the pairs I took the opportunity of getting a different angle of Lois Jane, we always seem to have photos of her looking along the roof or side so here are some different views.

James enjoying a solo trip
We have certainly been enjoying the nice warm sunny days and today as it was a bit cooler with a breeze and some clouds we even got some more outside work done.  James was getting some of the battle scars ready to paint and I started polishing the brass on the chimney, it is only a small bit but I think it will take some time.  

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