Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Flag Required!!...

It was time to continue our journey and go through the final pair of locks on the Atherstone flight.Our departure was slightly delayed due to the rain, we were ready to go but then suddenly a downpour, so we sat it out before the clouds parted and there was lovely sunshine again. We weren't far from the first lock and with only two I left my bike onboard this time. We got through the locks in no time as luckily they were both in our favour, although as has been the case on the whole flight, the locks leak water through the bottom gates so top paddles had to be opened to allow the gate to open. Fortunately for me on both locks boats were waiting to come up so I was able to leave the gates open and jump back aboard as James and LJ passed through the bottom gate, that saved me having to run and catch up and James having to hover whilst I do so. 

Next was a stop off at the water point to fill the tank, although we have been very conservative with the water and still had half a tank, I started the washing machine going once through the locks so we could go on with a completely full tank. On the way to the water point James notice an over hanging tree had stolen my Team GB flag and it was hanging in the branches, I was getting ready to make a grab for it as we passed under but unfortunately it fell before we got there and was floating in the canal, so instead I was going to have to try and pluck it from the canal as we passed, James slowed right down, I was in position to grab but my reach wasn't long enough and it went by, James then reversed but with the all the water moving around the flag disappeared so that was it. New flag now required!

We stopped off at the water point I started the fill, the pressure on this one wasn't too bad and as we only need half a tank it shouldn't take too long, there are also rubbish binstoo here , this isn't always the case though,. Whilst all this was going on the washing machine finished so I hung it out on the front deck as it was lovely and sunny with a slight breeze - perfect for washing drying. Meanwhile James was preparing a snack for us on the move. The downside to this perfect set up was the look of the sky in the direction we were heading - very dark clouds! Passing by the Bongo we headed off for a new location.

A little snack to keep us going
Bet there's rain in those clouds!!!
Watching all the boats going past
After only about 10 minutes of leaving there were the first few drops of rain, inside I went closed the side hatch, moved the washing inside and closed the front doors just in case it got heavier - good job too because it poured down - with waterproofs ready I took the tiller as James got into his and then my turn, and there was lots of rain. We had a little patch of sunshine before the rain came again.  

There are good moorings for stopping off in Polesworth but we carried onto through Pooley Fields Country Park, the canal runs right through it and there is even a mooring point if you want to stop off at the visitors centre. Pooley Fields is a SSSI and has several pools created from mining subsidence.  We also passed Pooley Hall which is a Tudor brick mansion from 1509 and according to our canal book (thanks Mum) is possibly the oldest occupied building in Warwickshire.

Pooley Hall through the trees
And a distant view 
Once out of the tree lined canal we moored up, so least if the sun does come out the solar panels can do their work.


  1. Looks like the weather is staying OK now. Hope summer has arrived and stays around for a long time now

    1. Hi Mea

      As usual the weather here is really unpredictable. We were lucky on our wood foraging trip today but as soon as we got back the heavens opened. Another boat was just going past and the guy on the back looked like a drowned rat :( - so when you go to Ikea don't forget a sports shop for a golfing/fishing size umbrella (and maybe a hot water bottle from Boots!

  2. Hi Definitely some hot water bottles ! just cannot believe the amount of rain you are having, we will try and bring some sunshine over with us. Here it is very hot up around 40c and at night 28c. very humid so a little cooler weather will be nice.