Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Flag…

After being all ‘Bah Humbug’ about spending our beer, bangers and beans budget on plastic flags for the recent jubilee I have given in to popular demand and Deb has requisition one ‘Team GB’ flag for LJ.

Come on TEAM GB! - Note small iron burn hole ;)

Stocks are getting pretty low on LJ so breakfast was some fresh rolls and coffee. Hard life init! Well I say fresh rolls – we made enough dough for last night’s pizzas and left the remainder in neat baps (or batches as they call them in these parts) ready to bake in the morning. Not bad at all with Morrison’s 27p marmalade and cheapo coffee J

Last night's leftover pizza dough

Plenty of breezes today which was really pleasant when the sun was out but a bit chilly compared with the last few days when it hid behind the clouds. A great morning for sitting and reading on the rear terrace before starting the jobs for the day.

Onto the jobs, only a few though don’t want to waste the weather. Deb was back onto polishing the brass on the chimney pot. Not an easy job, I don’t think it has ever been done! I started a bit more paint work – front hand rail today. It had already been prepped and smoothed with wet’n’dry but there was no guidelines on the point pot, probably due to the fact that we found it in a locker and it was a Robertson’s raspberry jam pot. We did have another colour though with some identifying marks. A quick Google advised that it was likely enamel resin paint specifically produced for narrowboats. Boat owners seem to fall into either the ‘it says marine on it so it’s worth £30 a litre’ or it’s the 'right colour I’ll slap it on' camps. I have seen everything from budget exterior gloss to JCB paint to exterior masonry paint being used over the last few months! Again not saying who is wrong or who is right I guess its horses for courses, I will carry on using the locker paint till it runs out then worry about new suply.

As I mentioned stock is getting low so while all the other boaters are lighting BBQ’s again we will be tucking into stilton (at least I think it is stilton) and onion quiche (or have we gone far enough north to call it flan?) With tea and a bit of my budget quick and easy fruit loaf later (might post the recipe for this one as it is so quick and easy to make) when we catch up on the Olympics’ progress  - as long as Deb doesn’t want to be waving her flag at the telly! 

Latest update tonight is that our dead cert for gold came 29th in the cycling road race
 letting the Kazantzakis romp home, so doubt I will watch for long.


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