Friday, 20 July 2012

Where's Summer Gone??

Well James and I are finally off the Ashby and onto the Coventry again. Not that there is anything wrong with the Ashby, far from it, it was just suppose to be a trip of maybe a couple of weeks that ended up being nearly two months, how time flies. It certainly is a rural canal with the only industrial part being around Hinckley and I suppose with it being a dead end not a lot of boat traffic, we have certainly noticed the difference back on the Coventry, lots more boats and people walking and cycling the tow path. We have moored about a mile south of Nuneaton overlooking fields on both sides, although one side is through the hedge on the tow path, still very nice.

The tow path here is very good, we had a wander back down to Marston Junction (where the Ashby goes off the Coventry) and the map/notice board was saying how British Waterways and Nuneaton Council had a joint venture to make the tow paths what they are today, however it did take several years to complete, but well worth it.  

Me at Marston Junction
The start of the Ashby from Marston Junction
Heading along the Coventry to Nuneaton past the junction
Yesterday we cycled the mile or so up to Nuneaton and then about a half a mile of road and we were in the centre of Nuneaton. Having left the bikes at one of the few 'bike parks' we took off on foot to explore the town. It is a good sized town with all the usual high street shops and central shopping centre (and really could be anywhere), but what I really liked was the George Elliott Park, with all its flowers in full bloom, the grass areas and a fantastic kids play area. Unfortunately, on our stroll back to the bikes it started to rain quite heavily so we took shelter in the library and caught up with the news from the papers there. Then back to our leisurely cycle along the tow path to Lois Jane.

A formal area of the park and the museum 
This morning I checked the bilges out and although a little rain has got in, cruiser sterns are notorious for rain water getting in (and I really don't know where from!!) but anyway a quick mop out with only two wrings and all is dry again, so a very happy Debbie. 

Once the rain subsides we are hoping to move this afternoon - closer to those 11 lock at Atherstone!!!

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