Friday, 23 November 2012

Lord of Lotto Lumber says 'ITS YOU'...

It was such a beautiful morning today that the 'move boat first or move bongo first' question was a no brainer. It was 10 miles from where we were to where we wanted to be and I really wasn't in the mood for a bike ride, yesterdays mere 5 miles was enough! So definitely boat first and van whenever.

Not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind as we left one of our favorite moorings just before all oaks wood. Although it was only slightly warmer last time we were here, loosing the genni was a PITA last time and I was glad that it hadn't tainted our opinions of a great location.

We left some CC'ers that we are getting to know quite well as they cruise the same fairly limited area about 40 miles either side of Rugby (mainly cos of work commitments) not strictly within the CC rules but I would prefer they did that than claim bucket fulls of benefits from the state that's, well, in a bit of a state.

Even though we were only there for a couple of days I saw my first crash landing swan one of four cygnets landing with both parents obviously used a touch too much flaps and ended in a heap about 10ft from the waters edge. And also had ring side seats for one man and his dog as they negotiated fields, fences, wood piles and a bridge to cross the canal to the destination field. 

Beautiful Day

Beautiful location

Quiet Neighbours

Arty types

As yesterdays weather got worse 'chainsaw carving man' and his 'painter partner' moved their separate boats back to where we were out of the way of potential falling trees. We had even parked half a mile further away where the tree's looked safer. 

Few boats today and no hurry on our part until we spied...

No tree was gona beat me and my 14" chainsaw

Now where did I put the boat

She was enjoying herself really!

A felled tree ;)  No messing about lugging branches back to the boat this time, straight out with the chain saw and down to work. Roof stacked with logs ready to split (about a months worth) we set off into the blinding setting sun.

'IT'S YOU' - said the lord of lumber as we passed a power station that had been trimming back and had nice neat little piles of logs already cut into 3 or 4ft lengths ready to sling on the roof - whopee our numbers have come up, we were about half a mile from where we are mooring 'til February and we have gone from 0 logs to about 8 weeks worth if we use half and half with coal.

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