Thursday, 8 November 2012

Not a nice day for a stroll...

Four miles in the cold rain was enough though. I wrapped up in my full winter kit, more as a test than anything else really. When the weather does turn colder I'll need to be prepared. 

So with thermals on, and waterproofs we set off back in the direction of Braunston. The rain soon changed from light to incessant, and about two miles in the first of the clothing items were failing. Neither of us had waterproof gloves, my thinsulate ones did a lot better than expected and lasted about a mile and a half, Debs mittens looked a bit saggy though! My leather, non waterproof Mendle boots have done a fantastic job over the last ten years or so and in wet weather are supplemented by waterproof socks. Debs goretex  ones bought at the same time now leek in places. If anything I got too hot, we were walking at little over three miles per hour and the last mile in increasingly heavy sleet I could have done with loosing a layer.

Rather than move the van further up the canal (and increase the walk by another three miles) we parked as close to LJ as possible and retreated to the fire to start drying out. The following day we moved to the top of hillmorton locks in chilly morning sun. In fact the temperature had dropped below freezing in the night and the cabin temperature was hovering at about 8 deg C (colder in little pockets) when we woke up. We have used the stove to tick-over during the day at the mid twenties but backed it off at about 8.30 to save on coal. The problem being that not enough hot air is getting fifty foot further to the back of the boat. 

So cold today my blister pack shattered!!!

I have been looking at stove fans and the one I really want, based on a sterling engine is back in production so I may have to give the ISA a hammering and splash out. I think that coupled with something 12v and made from computer fans half way down the boat should do the trick and even out the temperature a bit. 

Whilst we were moving I had a text alert from Birmingham hospital reminding me of an appointment to see my consultant on Tuesday. Its a good job they do the text reminders as I hadn't had a letter from them. I called to see if I could find out a bit more info but all the call centre could do was confirm the appointment time. As I still hadn't had any results from my liver MRI scan I presumed it was to discuss the results. The evening before going back to Brum Pip had got back from holiday and in the postie pile was a letter from the MRI department saying that there was nothing abnormal which was a bit of a relief. I have been reading the blog of a fellow boater couple who have been a lot less fortunate and sadly the gent is undergoing the necessary evils to rid his liver of cancer. My appointment confirmed no nasty liver problems or any stray stones left in my bile duct and I am now on the list to go back and have the offending gall bladder whipped out. Unfortunately its only an over night job so I doubt I will be able to sample their goat curry ;)

We even went out for a beer and burger at the local in hillmorton which for £5 each was better than expected. Actually Deb had two pints of cider and spent the rest of the evening laughing at me cos I had hiccough's.

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