Sunday, 11 November 2012

The price of technology...

A short hop along the canal brought us down through the Hillmorton locks and into Rugby. Even though I know what the Hillmorton masts did it still amazes me that what appears to be a random collection of different height masts (although the biggies all went in 2007) spaced in no particular order carry a time signal that is accurate to within one second per three thousand years - amazing!!

Topping up the water tank

A slow process so time for a brew 

Rather him than me 

Rugby, with adequate moorings, water, an elsan point and a pretty decent sized town on the doorstep is an OK place to stay put for a few days. We had passed through Rugby earlier in the year but hadn't stopped beyond picking up my brew kit from Tesco. 

I popped in to Maplin to buy a cheapish computer cooling fan and wired it straight to a 12v plug. It was tapped to the kitchen to bathroom door to see if it would have any effect on the airflow from front to back. If it had any effect the idea was to put it in a tubular surround and along with a stove fan try and get some of the hot lounge air towards the much colder bedroom and study. 

Last week with the outside temperature at about 4°c at 11pm and the stove ticking over heating the lounge to about 26°c; the kitchen (roughly  midships) was 22°c and the study struggling to get much above 14°c. Last night at 11ish the lounge was 25°c, kitchen 22°c and study about 18°c which was a much more even temperature all from a 0.08amp fan. 

If it works, it will be housed in a timber tube

Talking (as I quite often do) about power consumption I have tried the final fix for my sick PlayStation. It is stuck in a constant software update loop that even motherboard battery removal won't stop. The only other option would be to try a new hard drive and operating system. I had a quick Google search to see how much power it uses and was quite surprised that whilst being used for DVD's or games it draws nearly 200w, a huge amount for a luxury item on a boat, so its all packed up ready for storing in Pip's loft. 

As today is 11th of the 11th we walked the couple of miles into Rugby at the appointed hour to pay our respects. 

Crowds gathering outside the memorial gates

Maroons marking the start and finish of the two minutes silence came as a shock to the kids and dogs

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