Sunday, 2 March 2014



Starting out, the enjoyment of our winter moorings in Birmingham was a slow burn. We arrived back in late November (here and here)  and had a great couple of weeks with family and friends. By mid December I had had my fill of culture and the Christmas markets and was getting itchy feet.

Then, all of a sudden its late February and I'm rushing the last of my winter jobs whilst Deb is out earning a few pennies. We had paid CaRT for moorings until 28th Feb so Saturday 1st March, happy St David's day for yesterday everyone, we left our berth and and headed out for the high seas. 

After a long arduous expedition we finally 'let go the anchor' and made it safely to shore... Ok we had only gone about half a mile but we're still aiming to break the 500 mile mark this year ☺

We do have a good reason for hanging around for a bit. Firstly its Deb's last day at work today (last day mk2) and it would have been a tad rude to have left her in Brum, and secondly its Deb's Burffday on Tuesday so we've got some celebrating to do!

Deb ready for the off.

Looking back on Cambrian Wharf

Sam on the water point with the old Farmers Flight stables in the background

Just about enough room for the new chimney

Our new mooring, all of a few hundred yards away. Only for a few days though.


  1. Lois Jane is looking extremely shiney! Looking good guys!

  2. Ha ha, its all smoke and mirrors Guys - hope you're both well. So where u off to next, you've been home two days now ;)