Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sometimes you do wonder if you've made the right decision...

Not today though. Our 'gap year' is fast approaching the start of its third year and whilst we were moored near Devils Den in the middle of nowhere with no TV signal, no DAB, intermittent phone signal and 3g if you stood in one place on the roof; we thought we had better get the walking boots out and head for the hills.

A chilly start, the overnight fog hadn't budged by 9.00 but soon after it started lifting. Using ViewRanger OS maps on my phone we headed up past organised paddocks and into Million wood (Flintshire Forest company's woodland) as the sun started to come out. Its been ages since we have had to tackle a mile or so straight up a hillside but we coped better than expected. 

Fog just lifting

Amazingly dry after such a wet winter

Dew heavy on wild roses 

We were aiming for a windmill as indicated on the map, just to see how complete it was. We met the land owner at her stables and were invited to go and have a look at the remains. Before the pine forest was planted it would have had an uninterrupted 360° vista.

Well most of it is still there

It may need a lick of paint

A short stretch on the lanes brought us to Enville at about four miles from the boat. Lovely little village that would have been extremely affluent in its day judging by the size of the church and some of the property. 

It was just past twelve and we could have done with a rest, good job the regional CAMRA best pub of 2013 was in sight (and I had my emergency £5 with me). The Cat Inn was a lovely little pub, neat and tidy inside, well looked after beer garden. You know you're going to get a good pint when the guest ale blackboard is bigger than the food one, and the first three ales bare the name of the village. A pint of Old Porter for me and half a Thatchers Gold for Deb (maybe I should have brought an emergency £10).

The Cat Inn

A locally brewed pint sat in the sunshine, spring is here.

Rested and fortified we carried on down to Enville Manor House. What a lovely place in a beautiful setting. Although our walk was a fair way from the canal the village of Enville it is well worth the effort if you're down this way.

It looks like some of the estate has been given over to local cricket and football clubs

Now that is a manor house

Back through the Million woods.

Another short stretch of road led us back in to the forest, up a never ending bridleway and back down to the canal and LJ. A lovely spring days walk.

Now we have a problem though. This was Friday, tomorrow (strangely enough) is Saturday and there are three six nations rugby matches to consider - and no TV signal. Think we had better pull pins and move on.


  1. Joberrupt means "to cause one to break from something more interesting for the purpose of earning a living". Since windmills don't have to go to work, I think you meant uninterrupted. ;-)

    1. Hi Anon, you are correct (now edited) in mitigation my error was die to mw habink ti efit thr blig om mu pjone wiyh it'd lottle keybiard wjilst shtting on thr riif to het a 3h signal. 😁

  2. Wonderful blog as always, love hearing all about your adventure. Love to you both. Xx

    1. Hi M & L, you're still our number one fans ;)