Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Bratch to Wheaton Aston

Now anyone who knows us and knows the canal system will think that's a long way for them to travel in a day, have things changed? No of course not, we just haven't had much in the way of internet to be able to blog, it has actually taken us a few days to get this far, so let's rewind to Tuesday 18th. We were just relaxing moored below Bratch locks when who should come past but Nick, Emma and Murk making up the Marpessa crew. They came onboard for a nice cup of tea, but unfortunately no cakes or biscuits, I hadn't done my baking, I was waiting for James to make his chilli jam so it could all be done together, sorry Nick and Emma I'll make sure I'm better prepared next time.

Wednesday morning we set off up the Batch locks, now these locks are slightly different to any we have come across, they are made up of three locks which used to be a staircase but for some reason back in history they all had extra gates put on to make them individual locks but with only a few feet between them, at the top we rounded the corner to see Marpessa moored up with her crew getting ready to start their day. We were planning on going straight through to the Shroppie but decided to stop at Wightwick (pronounced Wittick) as it looked a nice spot. We hadn't been moored long when Marpessa passed by, James managed to successfully pass Emma a pot of chilli Jam on their way by.

Bratch middle lock

Passing the old toll house into the top lock

Moored at Wightwick

The Batch to Wightwick 2.9 miles and 6 locks

After a couple of days we moved off to our next stop and this time we did manage to make it onto the Shropshire Union.

LJ enjoying a bubble bath at Wightwick Mill Lock
Wightwick to Pendeford 6 miles and 4 locks

Which brings us to today, we set off after the worst of the weather had passed with Wheaton Aston being the stopping point. We had walked up to Brewood (pronounced Brood) yesterday so didn't need to stop there today, we just had one little shower along the way and some nice sunshine, the wind was keeping it pretty chilly though.

The ornate bridge 10, Avenue Bridge, leading to Chillington Hall

The lovely church in Brewood

Going for a stroll along the canal

This little boat is amazing, a miniature narrowboat

On the aqueduct over the A5

Moored just above Wheaton Aston Lock
Pendeford to Wheaton Aston 5.6 miles

Total 50.6 miles and 48 locks

Nearly 100 lock miles already :-) 

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