Friday, 7 March 2014

Windmill End to Merryhill

Yesterday we took a quick walk back to Netherton Tunnel and traced it from above, I wanted to see the top of the air shafts, I know they”re nothing exciting and all look the same, but strangely this kind of thing interests me! We then walked the few miles down to the Gosty Hilll Tunnel.

Entrance to Netherton Tunnel from above

One of the air shafts for the tunnel

After a quick walk to Bumble Hole this morning, where we saw the remains of the windmill that I assume Windmill End gets it name from, we set off in lovely warm March sunshine. James had a tight turn getting LJ round from Dudley No 2 canal to Dudley No 1 and then straight into the Blowers Green Lock, which at 12ft is the deepest on the BCN. It was built to replace two earlier locks which had suffered subsidence. 

Bunble Hole with the remains of the windmill

Joining the Dudley No 1 canal

And into the lock

The deepest on the BCN at 12 ft
We then had a good run to the Waterfront just a short walk from the massive Merryhill Shopping Centre.

Lovely sunny spot and very quiet this evening

Today 3.8 miles and 1 lock
Total  20.7 miles and 1 lock


  1. Yes that's us sorry! Did enter URL but obviously not very well! Will give it another go now...
    Yes we were heading to Hopwas but changed plans. Merry Hill shopping - love love Home Bargains!!
    Prob see you before too long, we're in Hinksford turned and about to head back down towards Kinver. Xxx

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