Friday, 23 May 2014

Beeston to Christleton

Thursday 22nd May

We hadn't intended moving on today as heavy rain was forecast all day, but it seemed they were wrong. At about 11am the rain stopped and it brightened up, so off we went just as Solitude was passing. We shared our one and only lock with her again today and continued onto Christleton, passing by a long stretch of about a mile and a half of moored boats.

The gates at Whartons lock also need weeding 

Loads of deer here 

Beeston Castle

Floating reed island, thought I was going to need the pole but luckily it moved out of the way

Tiny Moorhen chicks

A quick walk around the village where there is a little shop so called in for some much needed bread and eggs.

Loads of rabbits on the rugby pitch
It was back to LJ and the fire was lit as it was feeling quite chilly, not long after the rain returned again.

Moored just before the 48 hour moorings the The Cheshire Cat (they were full)

8.5 miles and 1 lock

Total 201.25 miles and 127 locks

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  1. Hi Debbie and James, thanks so much for your input on the solar panels. Just a quick question, I know friends whom have as little as 1 x 125w panel, and that more than sufficiently meets their needs ie not running the engine several hours a day to charge batteries, it keeps their inverter on 24/7, & telly for several hours a day, and I would be more than happy with that, to be honest I just want to be rid of listening to the battery charging, anything on top would be a bonus, so can you tell me what advantage do you find you get by having the 4 x 100 panels ? Do you think it makes a difference as to what panels your using and controllers. I had also read Wairiou's blog and found that helpful. Cheers guys much appreciated.