Monday, 5 May 2014

Hindford to Froncysyllte

We had a wander to the local for a pint after dinner, the Jack Mytton Inn at Hindford, we saw it for sale in one of the estate agents windows in Ellesmere and thought we'd check it out. There is a large dining area, a separate bar and we sat in a comfy area with sofa and a log fire, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

We set off early the next morning and were soon up through the two locks of the day

Lovely sunny morning

The second and final lock of the day

Just loved this little bridge just to the left of the lock
It was to be a day of unusual sightings, first off a huge sheep strolling along the path

Can't really tell from this photo, but it was really wide
Next in the grounds of the Lion Quays Hotel was this magnificent peacock

He put on a display for us, but the background wasn't ideal
Then we came across this gaggle of geese where these two decided to follow us for a while

These two took a liking to us
It was an interesting journey some of it very high up, looking over the roof tops we had a fantastic view.

It was amazing looking over the roof tops
Over Chirk Aqueduct and into Wales.

Chirk Aqueduct with the railway behind

James concentating

And into Wales
It was then through Chirk tunnel, again just one way traffic but this time all clear, it's a bit of a struggle through these narrow tunnels as there isn't a lot of water.

We then passed a day boat with nuns on a jolly, from a distance I thought they were real nuns (which has made James chuckle about for the rest of the day) but when they started to shoot us with water pistols it was confirmed they were hens out partying.

Nuns having fun
We moored up at Froncysyllte ready for an early morning crossing of the Pontcysyllte aqueduct.

Moored up in Froncysyllte
7.75 miles and 2 locks

Total 138.75 miles and 100 locks


  1. We appear to be leapfrogging each other, only just started reading you blog (via a link on Parisian Star page) We were at Lion Quays last night, we are on Smile and Wave travelling with another boat Home from Home. We are staying at Chirk tomorrow night as we need a vets for a poorly tail. Hope to cross the stream in the sky on Thursday. If you see us give us a Smile and Wave. Heather & Mike

    1. Hi Heather and Mike, recognise your boat name, we have passed each other a few times. I am actually a couple of days behind with our blog, we've reach Llangollen and will probably be going back through Chirk on Wednesday. We will keep a look out for Smile and Wave. Debbie and James

  2. Hi Deb and James, I can remember going into the Jack Mytton pub, 3 years back, and it was a tremendous meal, and a lovely little cosy bar, can't believe it's up for sale. Will be following in your footsteps in a good few weeks time. Enjoy all that you have to come. Jacquie x

    1. Hi Jacquie, spooky I was just catching up with your blog sounds like you've been having a good time. There was no evidence at the pub that it was for sale we happened to see it an Estate Agents window, it certainly is a unique place. We're loving the Llangollen. xx

  3. Thanks guys, I have a photo on my wall from Jack Mytton, still ! me, stein, and my dad and step mom, standing in front of that giant bear ! do they still have that there ? of course you may have absolutely no idea what I'm on about if it's removed. You just reminded me seeing you go over the aqueduct, when I got freaked out the once on the Stratford adueduct, the wind picked up, and the boat was rocking side to side, and the plastic canopy cover blew up in my face, it really panicked me, for sure when I do the Llangollen, it will have to be dead calm. Enjoy the rest of your time.x