Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ellesmere to Hindford

After a quick visit to Tesco for a loaf of bread we set off, luckily it was dry and no wind, but cloudy making it feel quite chilly as we went. 

We passed Frankton Junction with the Montgomery Canal off to the left, we may venture up there on the way back, but not today. There was a queue of boats waiting for their allotted time through the locks. 

Frankton Junction
Again a nice easy journey for me as no locks and no bridges so I could just sit back and watch the lovely countryside go slowly by.

I love these yellow fields, although they do look better in the sunshine
A Black Prince hire boat decided to stop on a narrow blind bend for some random reason, and as we passed the front scraped down the top of our gunnel, unfortunately I couldn't get there in time to fend off - so that'll be some touching up for me to do, when that side is on the towpath.

Moored in Hindford

6 miles and 0 locks

Total 131 miles and 98 locks


  1. You must go down the Monty -- it's fantastically quiet after the busy Llangollen, and the Navigation Inn at Maesbury Marsh is well worth a visit.

    1. Hi Adam, we're hoping to go down there on the way back, it does sound nice xx