Friday, 23 May 2014

Calveley to Beeston

Wednesday 21st May

A nice sunny day was forecast so it was time to pull pins and continue our journey to Chester.

First off was the Bunbury staircase locks, no Bunbury shuffle for us but we did have a locking partner. A lady and her Jack Russell on nb Solitude. 

Going into the second lock
After the staircase we stopped off to top up the water near Anglo Welsh, not sure if these are public water points but they were the new design ones, I counted nine of them and there was space to stop so we did. After filling with water we caught up with Solitude at the next lock, she was waiting for a locking partner and thought there was a hire boat behind us. 

Tilstone lock gates in need of weeding
Passing by this lovely old steam boat

And a couple of the old working boas
Next up was Beeston stone lock and it lived up to its name.

Looks like they're having a good time
Then onward to Beeston Iron Lock and again lived up to its name. It was built on a new line in 1828 after a collapse, using diagonal iron plates as it is based on uneven sand. The sides have bowed in so although it's a broad lock there are notices to go through singularly, we went through first then I helped Solitude through, there are no lock ladders here so it would have been tough going for her.

James examining the iron locks sides
We passed by these big ducklings, 17 of them in total I've never seen so many in one family, they then swan past us a bit later

Huge duck family enjoying a rest

Out for a swim a bit later
Lovely old railway signal box
We moored up just past bridge 107 near Beeston Castle and enjoyed lunch in the sun.

Just a few trains passed on the railway embankment to the right

Ready for lunch
2.5 miles and 5 locks

Total 193 miles and 126 locks

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