Thursday, 29 October 2015

Autherley Junction to Brewood

At Autherley Junction we turned left onto the Shropshire Union Canal and went through the stop lock. We had intended on going further, but it wasn't to be, we had some more pens to send so needed to get to a Post Office, we knew there was one in Brewood (pronounced Brood) and as there was space on the visitor moorings we stopped. When we past through earlier in the year we didn't stop as there was no room and you can't get into the side to moor anywhere else.

Approaching Brewood with the church in the distance

After a quick trip to the Post Office we had a bit of lunch with the intention of carrying on in the afternoon but instead we decided to stay put, so just a short journey again!

5 miles and 1 lock
624 miles and 489 locks


  1. Hi you two,
    I love Brewood. Especially at this time of the year. It is so atmospheric, begging to have a Gothic film shot there don't you think?

    We are moored up at Kingswood Junction, puttering away as we pace out our cruising to deal with upcoming doctor, physio, scan and clinic appointments. We have decided to cruise gently back down to Calcutt locks then turn and come back up and after December 20th we will go down to Bancroft Basin at Stratford. We can still catch a train from Wilmcote or Stratford back to Warwick for appointments so that will do.
    Hugs to you both and Dudley of course!

    1. Hi Jaq, The Shroppie has been so lovely, not been this way during Autumn before and the colours have been amazing, although the leaves in the canal are not so good.

      Hope all is well with you both and you are still managing to get to your various appointments. We are currently at Nantwich but will probably be moving off tomorrow - I will get the blog updated :)

      Love to you both
      Debbie xx

  2. Hi Both,
    I wonder if you could contact me regarding pens. I have emailed you but it appears that it hasn't got through for some reason. My email address is on top of the blog.
    Cheers for now, Tony Porter

    1. Hi Tony. Can't see your email address on your blog site but try me on or