Sunday, 18 October 2015

Birmingham to Tipton

We did eventually leave Birmingham, we decided to go on the Old Mainline this time having done the New Mainline a few times. It is slightly shallower and twisty turny but that adds to the interest, the New Mainline can be a little dull as its very straight and wide. 

So it was up the Smethwick Locks and we were soon going under the M5, it is always quite an experience, I bet not many drivers racing on the road above realise what is actually beneath them.

Under the M5

This section always fascinates me too, at the bottom is the New Mainline with us on the Old Mainline crossing above it, we are just about to go under the railway and the M5 above everything. Lots of bridges and different ways of travelling all crossing each other.

We arrived at the Black Country Living Museum moorings and as we were turning we noticed filming going on, it was the next series of Peaky Blinders. A short while after mooring up a lady from the museum staff and a guy from the film crew came over and asked us very politely if we could keep off the bridge in case we got in shot and also if we could keep quiet (not that we were making a noise).

Filming in progress

On Saturday we were up early and took a stroll into Dudley, our Dudley's home town. It was really misty and we couldn't even see the castle as we past by. In town the market was just setting up and we enjoyed a reasonably priced bacon bap and cup of tea, before going to explore the Wren's Nest.

In the afternoon we left the museum moorings and headed into Tipton where we moored on the Health Centre side. We had a visit from Linda and then later Anne who both made pen purchases. On Sunday Chris, Yvette and Holly came to visit Dudley, their two Patterdales are Dudley's Mum and Dad. They said he was just like his Dad even down to the little ginger beardy bits. Once they left Dudley wore himself out playing with Alfie the golden Labrador from the Beverage Boat who was moored in front of us.

12.5 miles and 3 locks
Total 576 miles and 467 locks

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