Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Wolverhampton 21

We set off after our quick trip into town, we weren't planning on going far once we reached the bottom so an early start wasn't needed. Once out of the built up area at the top of the flight it was looking very pretty with all the lovely autumn colours.

We met a couple of boats heading up and we had one boat a few locks behind us, we must have been following another boat as the locks were against us even though we had passed some coming up.

I think It took us just under four hours to get to the bottom, I wasn't timing it and don't pay a great deal of attention to time so just a rough guess. 

And the last lock
At Aldersley Junction we turned right onto the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal for a short time stopping just before Autherley Junction.

2.5 miles and 21 locks
TOTAL 619 miles and 488 locks


  1. We experienced a similar situation. I think some of the locks leak quite badly!

  2. You are half a day ahead of us!