Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bentley Bridge to Wolverhampton

Now where were we? Ah yes Bentley Bridge ..  

LJ hiding in the arm
There she is - outside the pub again!
After getting another shopping fix we left the next day, just a short trip back along the Wyrley and Essington turning right at the junction back onto the Main Line and the top of the Wolverhampton 21. We stopped outside the Broad Street Services and walked down the flight to Fox's Lane Bridge where we turned left and followed the road to Wickes. After our purchase we then had to make our way back up the locks to LJ with two boards of hardwood ply so James can make a work bench.

Once back at LJ we pushed across the canal to the section where there is no access to or from the towpath, other than by boat or climbing down a high wall. It was ideal for us as we did't have to worry about Dudley running off as he can't get anywhere. James got on working with some of the historic wood as well as shaping the new work bench. I got on with painting the back deck and finally the gas lockers, which are matching blue now. As the weather was perfect for outside jobs we actually stayed the following day as well and got loads done.

There's LJ in the distance on the left, the services are just under the bridge and the secure moorings are on the right
It's not the most picturesque mooring and there is a lot of traffic noise but as we had the generator running too so it didn't matter and it served a purpose. In the evening we pushed across back to the other side where we went up into town and enjoyed dinner in Johnny Spice, an all you can eat Indian buffet.

The next day, before we set off, we needed to go to the Post Office to send a pen off to it's new owner, the town has some lovely buildings definitely worth a proper visit. As we were getting back to LJ we spotted Mr Jingles and Lyra just mooring up behind us, Dan and Keri were having a lunch break before tackling the 21 - or 42 in their case.

1.5 miles
TOTAL 616.5 miles and 467 locks

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