Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Blacking - Day 4

Well I thought I was getting out of a bit of work today - we needed a couple of bits from a DIY shop and B&Q is the closest at just under two miles, I was just saying to James I would go first thing in the morning when we had a message through from Pippa, a friend of ours, who happened to be moored up in Stafford but had her car with her and was off to the shops, did we want picking up and going with her! How could I refuse that offer, so at 10am this morning off I went, thinking that had got me out of work. 

We also had Mark come to look at our wobbly tiller, I was surprised at how basic the tiller works - for some reason I thought there would be bearings and the like but actually it's just the rudder attached to a long pole through a hole in the back of the boat where the tiller arm is attached there is a collar in the hole which had worn so he replaced that and also the cup which holds the whole thing was slightly worn so he sorted that too. Now the tiller feels more stable but not too stiff to move. It should hopefully make steering a little less jolty.

When I got back from my shopping spree James had done the first blue gloss coat, then we were both on to work with the second coat of blacking.

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