Sunday, 6 November 2016

Stafford to Penkridge

We woke early this morning and double checked everything was ready for our re-launch. The winch guys arrived at around 8:30 and started getting organised putting out their signs, getting the cables organised, getting hi vis on and having a cup of tea. We were second in, so we watched as Horace was lowered down the slip way and floating again, the cables were then tied to LJs cradle and down she went.

That's Horace back floating

Here comes LJ

And she's floating again

Empty hardstanding, not for long though there were two boats waiting to go up
I am very impressed with Stafford Boat Club, it is very well run and they really do go out of their way to help.

Back on the canal looking towards the covered dock with the slipway beside it

The hardstanding is just behind the tress
It was very chilly this morning with a bit of breeze which made it bitterly cold, once back floating James had the task of reversing past all the boats moored in the arm, then we were on our way.

We needed to get through Penkridge and up Filance Lock today as it has a winter closure on it starting tomorrow. When we got to Penkridge Lock it started to rain but we continued on, then through Filance and that was it.

Our first lock was just round the corner
It's mushroom time of year

The road is very close to the canal here

And slowly past a fishing match

Round the corner and some more, that's the M6 bridge we've just gone under

Keeping an eye on passing boats, just before Penkridge Lock

And the last lock of the day in the rain
As it was around lunchtime we went off to the Star Inn in Penkridge itself, James had read somewhere they did reasonably priced food there. As it was Sunday they were serving roasts which at £5.50 we both went for that and very good it was too, all home prepared and cooked and really really nice, would definitely recommend a visit.

Yummy - this made it all worthwhile
After picking up a few bits in Sainsbury's we headed back to LJ and are now cosy for the evening in front of the fire.

5 miles and 6 locks
TOTAL 682 miles and 621 locks


  1. Well done on the blacking and painting looks grand, and getting past the stoppage in the rain!
    Enjoyed the more frequent posts!
    Roast for £5.50 add a fiver round here! Looks ok, no roasters though by the look of it 😉
    Cheers for sharing

    1. Thank you Ade. If the rain had held off for 15 minutes we would have been ok, never mind though the roast made up for it. There were a couple of roasties - they're hiding by the broccoli and carrots at the back :) I thought it was a real bargain. Glad you're enjoying the more frequent posts, I'm going to try and keep it up to date!!