Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Penkridge to Calf Heath

We were going to move on yesterday, but a couple of pen orders came in Sunday evening and as we knew our next stop would be nowhere near a Post Office we stayed at Penkridge an extra day.

It was very mild this morning, we let the fire go out over night and didn't need to re-light it this morning. The first two locks and the stretch between them run parallel with the M6.

They're all quite deep locks on this stretch

Traffic on the M6 
I usually get off the boat a little way before the lock and walk Dudley to get it ready for James to bring LJ in, at the second lock of the day I walked all the way up and realised I had forgot my windlass, this is the first time it's happened - I do hope it's not an age thing! I had to walk back to get it, but Dudley did't mind though.

We managed to just get through Gailey lock before it started raining, nothing too drastic very light rain and enough to get us wet, still can't complain too much as it didn't feel cold. 

The only trouble with this time of year is the leaves

Gailey roundhouse
We past by the chemical works where there are notices telling you not to stop or moor for 200 meters, even if the alarm is sounding, in reality it was a lot further than 200 meters, maybe they missed a '0' off.

Not something you see everyday - a new engine being fitted in a CRT work boat
We're now moored up again for a few days waiting for Martin on Fuel Boat Halsall to pass by with some supplies.

4.5 miles and 5 locks
TOTAL 686.5 miles and 626 locks

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