Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Wolverhampton 21

We left Autherley Junction yesterday morning a little later than planned, the temperature had dropped last night and on my morning walk with Dudley the towpath was like a skating rink so we thought it best to let it thaw a bit before tackling the locks. We had left the back canopy down last night, as we knew it was just a quick stop, and this morning James' bench had a layer of ice on it.

It was a short way to Aldersley Junction where the main line goes off and straight into the bottom lock of the Wolverhampton 21. Most of the locks were full, so had to be emptied before getting LJ in and refiling, so it was quite slow progress but I was also being carefully as it was still quite slippy around the locks - we didn't want a repeat of November 2013 - Click here.

The first lock of the day

Missing paddle so this one too ages to fill

The pound was a little low at this one

We came across a photo shoot

And finally at the top

We stopped off at the CRT yard for water
Once through the locks we continued onwards and turned left at Horseley Fields Junction onto the Wyrley ans Essington Canal. We continued on for about a mile and stopped in the little arm at Bentley Bridge next door to Cineworld alongside the retail park. 

I managed to get us on the mirror bridge - but I've got the camera right in front of my face

The view from the lounge window

And view from the front

Seems odd seeing a boat in the car park 

4.5 miles and 21 locks
Total 697 miles 647 locks

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