Friday, 18 November 2016

Calf Heath to Autherley Junction

We've had a busy few days doing some pen making preparations. I was on sawing duties, the big piece of Dane's base plate and James was rough rounding them on the lathe and drilling ready for the barrels. It was a great place to work, nothing really around for miles, only two people walked by the few days we were there, boat traffic was pretty low too so we had a nice peaceful time.

We took a little time out from our hard work and took Dudley for a stroll and came across this place ....

Doesn't sound too nice, but no smell and no noise and we were pretty close to it!
This morning, as promised, Martin on Fuel Boat Halsall arrived and we stocked up on our winter coal, a change of gas and topped up the diesel. He was done with us and continuing on his way before 9am.  The guys on the fuel boats work really hard and long hours so we like to use them if possible, hence our waiting out a few days here for him on his rounds. 

It was very cold this morning with a thick frost which formed after 7am, but it was lovely and sunny with no wind. After a cup of tea to warm us up after sorting our coal delivery we were on our way.

After a lovely couple of hours, and passing one other moving boat, we have now moored up at Autherley Junction, where the Shropshire Union goes off.

6 miles and 0 locks
692.5 miles and 626 locks

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