Thursday, 11 July 2013

Boletus Aureus...

What another superb warm day. A slight breeze in the morning shoved the clouds away by the time the 'gardeners' had returned and you could see the canal teaming with fish of all sizes and molluscs clinging to the last of the lilly leaves. 

Swan taking off in the distance, from a clearer canal

As the hours drifted by I decided that today was the day for completely stripping off in the warm summers breeze on the tow path alongside LJ. 

Don't panic, not that kind of stripping! I meant the thirteen year old varnish off of the front doors! The hours I had spent sanding still left a lot of ingrained varnish that I know from experience will show up as soon as a couple of coats of 'woodskin' varnish have dried. Nothing for it but to get the paint stripper out and scrub the layers off. Its still going to be a long job though, I've got one of the four door pieces left to start and lots of fine paper sanding to get a good finish - good job the weather is stable for another couple of days. 

Stripping off in the sunshine

Three started, one to go

In other news, I have finally managed to change our profile pic, oh and tomorrow's other job is to create our Boletus Aureus...

New profile piv

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