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Monday 15th July
Mum's visiting today and arrived shortly after 10am, I met her up by the Horse and Barge where we would have lunch later. We had a lovely relaxing day mainly eating and drinking and taking shade by the trees next to us.  

James and Mum relaxing in the shade

Tuesday 16th July
Harefield - Br 164 near Cassiobury Park
8.5 miles and 12 locks
Our plans for an early start to Cassiobury Park were slightly delayed, I needed some extra sleep! We set off at about 10am and as there was a lock just ahead I set off to get it ready for James and LJ. There was a boat coming down so James hovered for a bit until it was his turn, As he came in he said there was a boat behind us so we waited to let them join us in the lock, I couldn't believe it when I saw the distinct blue bow of Chance appear with James and Doug, we knew they were back on the Grand Union and heading North but as quite a few boats passed us early this morning we thought we may have missed them. We worked the next few locks with them before we stopped for water (and them at Tesco), we then decided to moor up and walk up towards Cassiobury Park to see what moorings were available as the IWA festival is on at the weekend. We hitched a lift on Chance and were treated with some Pimms and nibbles along way. It was soon time to say our goodbyes and stroll back to LJ. After an hour or so rest we then headed up ourselves to the moorings just north of Cassiobury Park.

James and LJ on their way to the lock

The guys catching up on gossip

Relaxing with some Pimms whilst Doug does the hard work at the lock

Already lots of arrivals for the festival

Getting into the festival spirit

Wednesday 17th July
We spent the day on LJ chilling out and relaxing in the lovely weather.

Our mooring just before bridge 164

View from the bow

Thursday 18th July
Headed off to IKEA to get a parasol and some wooden outside chairs that we could also use inside when we have visitors, our current chairs and just a little too big to have them inside. We also got a rug for the living area , it makes it a little more homely now and will be better in the winter than just the wooden floors.

Friday 19th July
Another day chilling out, we needed to after our 2 mile hike back on the train from IKEA with all our purchases! 

Saturday 20th July
We went off to the IWA festival. Again we had lovely weather, although the festival itself was a little disappointing. James had been trying to get onto the button making class by emailing in advance but heard nothing back, he later found out that the guy taking the class had cancelled and wouldn't be going so a bit of a shame really. It was ok if you were looking to get a new engine or batteries, loads of those types of stalls, but unfortunately not one of the chandlers had made an appearance, we were hoping to be able to get a few bits and pieces. However, they did have entertainment all day, which was well organised and some of the acts were very good. 

Sunday 21st July
Another visit from Mum, we had some post that we really needed and rather than send it to us Poste Restante, she very kindly drove it over herself as we were still within an hours drive. Thanks mum, it was really appreciated.

Cruising - 8.5 miles
Locks - 12
Cruising - 217.25
Locks - 118
Tunnels - 3
Bridges - 3

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