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Monday 17th June - Thursday 20th June
Had a nice relaxing few days at Kensal, James did some more outside painting on the boat, this time the rear rail, it had got quite a few chips so he did a thorough job of sanding the whole lot down and repainting, it's looking good - just needs another top coat. Whilst he was busy doing that I was pottering inside getting everything clean and organised again. We had a couple of trips to Sainsbury's as it was so close we didn't need to stock up and a trip to Kensal Green Cemetery which was massive. We were also getting together all the tools we may need for our trip back to Poole and getting our little rented house back.

Friday 21st June 
Kensal Green - Paddington Basin
2.5 miles
Oh dear, we are starting to look like 'bridge hoppers' but this was a must as we had to be in Poole and didn't want to leave LJ unattended just anywhere, we had already arranged a possible overstay with CR&T as we weren't sure 7 days would be enough.

Saturday 22nd June
Off it was to Victoria Coach station to get the Megabus to Reading where we would be staying the night at Mums before borrowing her car and setting off to Poole on Sunday.

Sunday 23rd June
We were in Poole at 11:30 as arranged and finally managed to gain possession of our house - oh dear what a state!!


Monday 24th - Sunday 30th June
Well this week all rolled in one of very early morning starts and late finishes with not a lot of break time in between. We were busy cleaning, decorating, taking up carpets and generally getting the house back to being in a rentable condition.


Monday 1st July - Friday 5th July
Much more of the same, but this week it was starting to look like a home again.

Friday 5th July
Headed back to Mums to take her car back, we were very grateful for it as it would have cost quite a bit for a hire car for the time we had it, but it was very missed by Mum. 

Saturday 6th July
At Mums it was her village fun day, so off we went to have a look around the stalls and at a couple of events going on, it was mostly the youngsters doing their dance routines (never had anything like that when I lived there!) but the things that were of interest to us was the Quack Pack, a couple of sheep dogs herding Indian Runner Ducks, and a display by the search and rescue dogs. After a late lunch at Mums it was back to Reading on the Megabus to Victoria and a hot and tiring trek across London with all our tools and luggage to Paddington Basin. 

Indian Runner Ducks

Being herded

Sunday 7th July
Paddington Basin - Southall
11.5 miles
It was great to be back on Lois Jane after two weeks away, the longest we have been away from her since January 2012. The solar panels had done their job whilst we were away and the fridge still going quite happily with the batteries at 81% when we arrived last night. We had stayed our maximum at the Basin, along with the authorised overstay and were grateful to CR&T for allowing it. It was time to leave and set off along the Paddington Arm stopping off for water at Little Venice and Sainsbury's at Kensall Green.

Peaceful mooring just outside London


Monday 8th July
We stayed put by the lovely fields at Southall and as we have now got nice weather James made a start on sanding down the front doors which were in desperate need of varnish.

Hidden away

Tuesday 9th July
Southall - near Iver on the Slough Arm
6 miles
We had invited Doug and James over for dinner so they made a slight detour down the Slough Arm on their way back into London. We had a lovely evening with them, as usual, and it was good to catch up again. 

Wednesday 10th July
Doug and James were off this morning, but as the canal was very weeded up at this point it did make getting back onto the main Grand Union a bit tricky. We stayed put as we had a great spot with the bow in the shade of a tree most of the day but the rest of the boat in the sun for the solar panels, a great combination.

Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th July
We carried on getting the front doors and frame sanded and varnished and then moved on to getting the mushroom vents back to their former glory - all hard work, but certainly worth it. We did take time off to go for a little stroll through the nearby park to Little Britain Lake.

Even the tiller arm gets some attention

Sunday 14th July
Near Iver - Harefield
8 miles and 3 locks
It was time to leave our peaceful mooring along the Slough Arm, not much in the way of boat traffic and as the towpath was still closed ahead not that many people going by. We were moving on as Mum is visiting tomorrow and we need to be relatively close to a road and parking. It's good to be back on the move again and doing our first lock since the end of May. 

Bridge 0 on the Slough Arm

We passed by Sue and Vic on No Problem

And back to locks

We ended up near Harefield just up from the Horse and Barge pub

Cruising - 28 miles
Locks - 3 locks

Cruising - 208.75
Locks - 106
Tunnels - 5
Bridges - 3

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  1. Thanks for a fabulous evening guys, the meal was like eating in a restaurant! He's such a great chef Debs! Hope we see you again soon, so much enjoyed meeting up with you both x