Saturday, 13 July 2013

Power to the people!..

Its 34°C in the boat today. I'm not complaining though, heat means sun and that means power. The batteries were at 100% charge before lunchtime and a few hours with the inverter on and the electric sander had no I'll effects. 

In fact, we've used the Cobb BBQ to cook on since we arrived on Tuesday and the engine hasn't been on since (don't forget we're a gas free boat) just the odd hour of diesel heater to provide the daily hot water. 

The downside of course is that its not perfect weather for sanding doors on the side of the canal... I'd rather be... floating down the Thames with wine and nibbles heading for the Thames barrier - never mind eh (should have accepted the invitation then!)

There have actually been a few boats up and down the arm today, still not exactly busy but at least we're not alone. Our Boletus Aureus are proudly being displayed after scrubbing the ancient lacquer off, now I just need to keep them like that. Every month LJ gets a little closer to her former glory. 

Wow what golden mushrooms :-) 

A much nicer canal now the weed has gone!

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