Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Deb does the weeding...

After the heat of the day and the anxiety of watching Andy become champ at Wimbledon we left the moorings at Kensal Sainsbury's and pottered off for a late afternoon/evening cruise towards Bulls bridge. We spent the night at King George's Fields and the following day managed to disturb the peace by getting the sander out and starting stripping the old varnish of the bow doors, what a long and hot process. I gave up after a few hours and sat inside to cool off, at least the job was started. 

Doug and James from Chance were due back at their boat on Tuesday having been back home for a few days so we invited them over for dinner. Its always a bit of a nightmare getting back aboard, checking everything is working as expected and then having to restock cupboards and fridges. 

Bulls Bridge Junction

Enjoying the countryside again

And the warm sun and cooling breeze

Even had a pre-cruise hair colour!

On route we stopped at the visitor moorings near bridge 20 on the Paddington arm so I could pop to the local industrial estate to pick up more DIY supplies and some polish from halfords. Deb stayed with the boat, the location is not particularly salubrious. Next stop was bridge 192 at Yiewsley to pop into Morrison's. I really fancied some fish cooked on the BBQ and this weeks special offer was whole sea bass at a bargain price of £2 each! Cheaper per kg than budget priced smoked mackerel fillets! I may well cycle back and get some more to freeze for when Jess next visits. 

I didn't have the canal map book out but presumed that the turning at bridge 190b would either be into the marina or down the Slough arm, the latter being our preferred destination for our next mooring. To double check we weren't heading into the middle of nowhere I shouted over to the first boat we saw asking if it was indeed the Slough arm, and what do you know, it was only Vic from Retirement NP! Sue and Vic are more than blogging veterans, they're blogging royalty :-) We will have a wander down and natter with them soon no doubt. We certainly picked a lovely spot to stop at, even if it is a bit weedy on the canal.

Deb weeding the garden

It was too hot though, so we got the gardeners in :-) 

Doug and James arrived an hour or so after us and managed to battle through the ever thickening weed to moor just behind us. After a nice cold glass of wine on the back terrace of LJ, the guys popped down to say hi to Vic and Sue before joining us for dinner on the tow path. Another lovely evening catching up.

A beautiful location, now almost weed free. 

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