Monday, 8 July 2013

The leaving of London...

Yes we have finally left central London. Apologies if you saw LJ moored up in Paddington Basin for far longer than the seven day maximum allowable. We did have permission from C&RT though which was really helpful, difficult for them to argue against (if they chose to) there are still four boats in the basin that were there when we first visited on May 22nd! That all seems like a very long time ago now.

We have been away from the boat for just over a fortnight. It involved issues with a property that we own and rent out on the south coast. Although this blog is our diary for our cruising trip I can't publish too much about 'the issue' as we will be taking the tenants guarantor to court within the next few weeks. 

As an aide memoire to the experience so far - what is that god awful smell; I hope that came from an animal; how the hell do you get a stain up there; what is that in the sink trap; you are kidding - cleaned?; yes you are guarantor for the WHOLE of the tenants responsibilities; what lovely neighbours; sixteen hour days; expert witness for broken window; wasn't there a unit there?

You get the picture, but if not - 


Must have missed that bit. 
Deb is in there somewhere, it was the only part of the house we could clean adequately, oh and its 5.15am

On the plus side we still love the little 1880's terrace, hidden away down a little lane that very few locals know is even there, but no more that 100 yards from shops, pubs, restaurants, doctors and buses! We bought it as a little 'down size' home for ourselves in the future and just rent it out until we are ready. 

We dragged our cases and tool boxes kicking and screaming across a sweltering London and back to LJ, fridge still happily working from solar and batteries at 90% despite the temperature still being at 30°C at eight in the evening. Starter battery still had enough juice to start on the button (its not connected to solar) and everything where we left it. 

We decided to leave London Sunday morning as if we find somewhere to stay another night it will turn into another week, London has that kind of lure, and its not going anywhere, we will come back. Actually probably next week but only for a day trip by train. Ill do a photo blog of my favourite London bits soon. 

We left a little later than intended and by the time we were in little Venice there were two boats on the facilities point, one on the water point just inside little Venice, between the cafe and bridge (I didn't know there was one there!) Oh there was also a trip boat moored alongside the cafe and a boat broken down in the bridge hole. We decided to wait it out the other side and tied up alongside a CaRT work boat just in front of another busy trip boat. Whilst waiting and getting hot and bothered I noticed an unlocked steel fronted block built cupboard, what do you know, there is a water point in there. I checked with a local boater who said that the facilities were for permitted moorers so we permitted ourselves to use it :-)  After a further stop off at Sainsbury's for a cupboard reload, a sweaty hour trying to free the prop from about half an acre of heavy duty damp proof membrane (probably off the back of a 'hippy hutch'as it had the tell tale signs of lots of gaff a tape) and an exciting few hours watching Marry win Wimbledon we pottered through the evening and at 9.30 moored out in the sticks for a day or so at King George's field, Southall. We're now catching up on relaxing, reading blogs and a few boatie jobs. Very glad to be home!

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  1. Glad to see your back guys, it was strange in London without you! Hope to catch up when we get back on board Tuesday.