Thursday, 6 September 2012

A few more pictures of our journey up to Brum...

The first lock is the hardest

A surprising rural stretch between industrial estates

A goose joined us for a stroll, and even refused breakfast!

Heron escaped us by flying to the top of Cincinnati roof

Heading under an industrial unit

Nope, not got a clue what it is

1820'S bridge under 1970's bridge

Still even got the old iron corner protector with deep rope gouges 

You don't get much more industrial than that! Looks like a level of a computer game

No way were getting through there

Rubble and car seats exposed

Possibly old grinding wheels, I know they we're used a lot in many Sheffield foundations

A bit more water, ducks now making use of the car seat

One of the four narrowboats we saw all day 

See, traffic cones in pairs again

 Refilling  the pound

Quite a side wash from some of them

Heading under the railway station

Cuckoo wharf 

locks under flats and offices

Last few semi underground ones
Deb catching up - nearly there now

We've arrived! 14 days free mooring

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