Sunday, 24 February 2013

Departure of a dear friend...

Departure of a dear friend...

No, no funerals involved. But 'Snoop' our bongo camper has had to go. Never let us down, always happy to be part of our daft plans has finally gone to someone who will hopefully enjoy ownership as much as we have. 

Insurance and tax due imminently and the oil leak that would see another few hundred pounds gone, combined with the problems of where to safely park and the fact that we would have to find somewhere to store it when we eventually get to London and the fact that its just not getting used (about 100 mikes this year, 4000 in the last 18 months!) lead to a hasty decision to list him on eBay last weekend. Oh and the fact that I have really had enough of trudging the towpaths back to get the van, I want to get off the canal system when I go for a hike! 

I am sure Graham and Mandy will have a great summer with snoop (send us a camping pic guys)

Well, back on to the adventure, like a lot of boaters our chosen winter mooring comes to an end on the 28th, Yippie!! Jess is coming to join us for our first cruise followed by Pip a few days later to celebrate Debs birthday. As we are so close, Coventry basin beckons and will give us an opportunity to get a few bits in town now such excursions need to be a little more thought out. 

Next stop will be Braunston where we will camp on Midland chandlers doorstep until they announce their spring 'Freaky Friday' discount day and we can get our new fridge! So look out for the 'Apples and Pears' and give us a knock, who knows we may even have a fresh batch of Welsh cakes on the go. 


  1. Welsh cakes sound good....will look out for you...downsizing continually and a bit more since your comment.....even decided not to bring our brand new fold up bikes....hey, we all make mistakes....look out for us xx

    1. Good luck with your downsizing, this time last year we were just getting ready for the off! Last couple of days on our winter mooring then floating south for the summer :-)