Wednesday, 31 July 2013 that's more like it :-)

Definitely BURK... not BARKhamsted. Again we had stopped here over night on the way south and had the pleasure of meeting Jacquie and Stein off of 'like ducks to water' (hope you're well guys!). We've pretty well managed to get the same mooring spot along this lovely little town pound - here's a link to the last time we were here to avoid duplicating any photos. What we hadn't done last time though was to look at the local town.

The busy boat last night (Tuesday) we went for a soda and lime at the Riser (rising sun) instead a few less diners.

The view from the rear terrace for a few days

LJ moored just this side of the Crystal Palace pub - how has it got that name? well you'll just have to wait for my next blog
Talk about chalk and cheese compared to HH! Our first stop was to a local solicitors to get some docs witnessed. I had called them first expecting to wait a couple of days for an appointment, Mr Houghton came to the phone himself and said he had a few minutes spare in half an hour! Result, Deb was still hanging over the bath washing her hair but we made it on time. After a brief meeting and proclaiming our 'solemnly do declares' we were relieved of our £5 and on our way to the post  office. We'll just have to wait for the decisions with the powers that be. 

So, Berkhamsted. Pretty little town with lots of history, lots of independent shops and restaurants, not a pound shop in sight. Obviously a good degree of affluence, probably a lot of Londoners 'wot done good' wanting to move from the city to the country but still be only half an hour from Euston on the main line. The local folk are really chatty we've had some pleasant conversations with the owners and visitors of the two properties that we are moored outside of. They both have raised balcony's that are south westerly facing that have been very well utilised for entertaining, we've rewarded their courtesy by polishing their side of the boat and making sure that we didn't run the engine when anyone is home. 

The next blog will follow a brief historical tour that we took of the locality with information pamphlets provided by the local civic centre. (if I can get the pics to load - we're just on the Tring summit and there is not a lot of signal here, the MIFI is perched on the roof at the moment) 

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