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Tuesday 12th November
Penkridge - Gailey
3.25 miles and 6 locks 
Another sunny but cold morning as we left Penkridge, stopping just after Penkridge lock to fill the water tank and get rid of the rubbish, then on our way with a few locks to do to keep me warm. At one point on this stretch the M6 runs parallel to the canal for about half a mile, we soon heard the sound of chainsaws and both looked at each other with hope, our log supply has run out and we are now just using coal. There were a few workers out clearing the trees between the motorway and canal, but unfortunately it  was too shallow on that side of the canal to get anywhere near the bank, I'm sure the workmen would have let us take a few bits off their hands as they seemed a friendly bunch giving us a nice wave and taking a photo of us taking photos of them. Never mind it wasn't to be, I doubt if there will be another opportunity to collect wood before getting into Birmingham.  We stopped shortly after Gailey top lock where for quite a stretch it is 48 hour moorings - why what is there that's so popular? We passed a canoe club just after the lock and at about 7:30pm a few of them passed us in the pitch black, not my idea of fun.

My usual view waiting at the lock

Another fairly deep one

Feeding at the lock, part of a family

With the partner and baby, strange combination

Tree works by the M6

You can't pass Gailey Top Lock without taking this photo

And moored up at the end of the 48 hour moorings

Wednesday 13th November
Gailey - Bridge 5 Shropshire Union
9.75 miles and 1 lock
It was pretty chilly when we left this morningi, we had been sheltered by the big oak trees but out in the open there was a thick frost. This part is very twisty and we could see one of the buildings, with two huge chimneys on the industrial estate for about an hour and then it was only about half a mile away. James even allowed me to do some steering, he pop inside to light the fire and make a cup of tea, when he came back out and said "well what do I do now?" "Just stand and look around" I said, he doesn't like just standing and has to be doing something, that's why I don't get to steer much. Anyway as we were approaching the narrow Pendeford cutting I was pleased for him to take over. We were hoping to stop just before Autherley Junction, but they wasn't really anywhere suitable so we did a detour and turned right at the junction onto the Shropshire Union, went up and winded just after bridge 5 and then moored up in the middle of nowhere, this will probably be our last rural mooring for sometime.

Saw this building for ages, see the frost on the grass - Burr

Enjoying their breakfast

Narrow cutting, luckily we didn't meet anything coming the other way

This one actually stayed put when as we passed by

Nice rural mooring on the Shroppie with Bridge 5 behind us

Totals for week
13 miles
7 locks

426.6 miles

284 locks
8 tunnels
10 swingbridges

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