Tuesday, 22 April 2014

River Weaver Aqueduct to Burland

We sat out most of Easter and as the weather forecast is naff for Tuesday we heaved out our pins yesterday and set off for the winding hole a couple of miles away. We passed a couple of boats along the way and were just approaching the winding hole when Balmaha passed with Mo recognising Lois Jane as Sandhills Number One. We winded and were soon moored up with Mo and Nessa enjoying coffee and biscuits on Balmaha, Sandhills fifteenth lovely creation. It was then a quick tour of Lois Jane and we were all on our way again both heading for Llangollen. It was lovely to meet you both and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Mo and Nessa
We had intended on stopping just before the junction with the Llangollen but the water levels there were quite low, and with the weather still good we decided to turn right and head up the flight of four locks and get away from the 'Shroppie Shelf'. 

Nesting Swan

And we're on the Llangollen
At the top the lockie was keeping a log of the boats passing through and added LJ to Monday's list, having a chat to him and a quick look at Good Friday's list he had logged 48 boats whilst on duty, he said at one point there was a four hour wait, with the staircase locks further on having a six hour wait, glad we decided to go off on the Middlewich branch that day.

We moored up a little further on just after bridge 4  with a view over another field of cows, so that'll keep me happy.

Moored up in the sun
10.3 miles and 6 locks
Total 100 miles and 83 locks

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