Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Birmingham to Waring's Green

We had another week in Cambrian Wharf, again it was very quiet with only a couple of visiting boats, we moored up right by the lock. On one of the days we were entertained by a film crew, there were scenes on the bridge of an older man who was being accosted by four youths and then some of him sat down by the lock crying. Apparently his was down on his luck and was homeless. 

Some of the film crew

Poor actor had to sit down there for ages
On Monday 22nd February we said our goodbyes to Birmingham and left again to start our 2016 travels. We ended up going back through Birmingham and onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canal again, unfortunately there were stoppages starting on the Camp Hill locks, on reaching King's Norton Junction this time we turned left on the Stratford-on-Avon Canal and through the old guillotine lock, which isn't used now, next was the short Brandwood Tunnel and then Shirley Drawbridge, this one is easy - I only had to push a couple of buttons. 

Guillotine Lock

Shame about the graffiti

The mile posts on the Stratford-on-Avon Canal
We reached Waring's Green and moored up on a nice sunny stretch just before bridge 19, there were even mooring rings here. It was nice to be free and out in the open countryside again.

13 miles and 0 locks
TOTAL 32.5 miles and 3 locks

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