Wednesday, 26 July 2017


May 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, we managed to get moored up in Paddington Basin and spent a week enjoying ourselves, Jess had a few days off work so came for a visit and was with us to celebrate our actual anniversary day (23rd May). I can't believe how times flies, I can't possibly be old enough to have been married for 25 years!! 

We had a fantastic time in London, we used busses more than we have previously due to James hobbling about but he did very well with the use of a stick. I was really surprised at how many people offered their seat to James when we got on a busy bus, it was a real eye opener how nice people are.

We managed to get to see two shows, the first one we were able to swap seats to the aisle as James was still unable to straighten his leg, for the second one we were in our own private box so had normal chairs that we could move around. We also ate out - loads!!

Not quite the tour around Europe and a cruise across the Mediterranean from Italy to Spain we had planned, but we had a wonderful time in London.

Here's our week in pictures -

London Symphony Orchestra Rehearsals 

Lone duck in Traflagar Square

Sushi for our anniversary lunch

Then the Theatre

Another show - in our private box

Time for afternoon tea

Three course dinner at the Cavendish Hotel

View from Wetherspoons as we sheltered from the rain

More food - this time Indian

Then a Freaky Shake

Leaving Paddington Basin after a fantastic week


  1. Looks like you certainly lived it up congrats on your 25 years together.

    1. Hi Ade, Thank you - we certainly had a fab time in London and managed to get a few Groupon deals :)