Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to 'inckley...

Pip arrived nice and early yesterday morning, closely followed by a front that changed the drizzle to rain. Not as heavy or persistent as was forecast but rain none the less and without a break. Of course we had the fire going for our morning brew and toast so LJ was cosy and warm. We didn't have much to offer our visitor to go with a cuppa so another batch of welsh-cakes was soon on the go. Lunch soon drifted by and I started to make some homemade crumpets for the next days breakfast. It's something I have been meaning to try for a while as when ever we buy a packet they always seem to go out of date before we actually eat them. I think this post is going to continue on the 'rainy day = foodie theme' kind of thing. The crumpets were very easy to make but cooking on the stove was a bit tricky. The BBQ griddle I was using is just too big to get a constant even heat when it's on the stove, better would be to use the BBQ (rain put paid to that idea) or use the hob (broken generated put paid to that idea as well). They were ok, definitely identifiable as crumpets but a bit doughy (hmm can you buy part baked crumpets?) Once Deb and I had fought over who was using the square foot of awkward stove space I started sorting dinner. I had declined another cuppa and welsh-cake trying to leave some room for dinner. Pip, and us, are curry fans and I am trying to get my favourite, a dansak, as good as the takeaway so I can teach deb to make it for my Friday night treat! Just in case it was going to be too spicy I made an aubergine and sweet potato korma as well. To go with it all deb had sorted some nice sticky rice and some homemade chapattis. Our last bottle of wine along with the heat of the curry and fire saw us through until the clock struck 'tomorrow'.

Only a short run to the Marina in Hinckley today and before berthing a much needed top up of diesel and a VERY much needed pump out of the loo tank.

Not too long after we had arrived Richard the geni engineer was at the gate. The generator wasn't the one he was expecting, this one is bigger unit made in America. He has worked on them before though and as soon as he had contorted himself down into the bowels of LJ he soon found a semi bunt out wire in a box of tricks that I hadn't opened. It looked a possible cause but he forewarned me that it 'may have taken something else out'. Replacing the dodgy connection didn't solve the problem so the whole unit and it's control boxes were extracted for further examination back at base. Tomorrow we should hear the answers to the three required questions.

1) what's wrong
2) how much
3) how long to get the parts

I look forward to the call (not)

A rather heavy engine now 50kg lighter

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