Sunday, 3 June 2012


In a survey carried out today 98% of ducks asked said “quack,  quack quack quack… QUACK!” which roughly translates to, no we do not like the ***** rain either IDIOT!” A spokes-duck added nice weather for ducks, as you lot so often try to quote, is actually warm and sunny with a slight south-westerly breeze.

Remember folks, ‘nice weather for ducks’ isn’t wet and windy and I kind of got to agree with them. We managed to keep out of the worst of the early rain that was forecast until 10ish, but as soon as torrential gave way to merely wet and dismal we made tracks to get closer to Hinckley and a bit more civilisation. The northern Ashby is beautiful when the weather is with you but a bit bleak when not, not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with that just that we had spent all Mays shopping money a while ago and the supplies were getting short. Not the nice to have bits and bobs but the essentials – bread, veg, meat chocolate etc. etc. and with the four day weekend her shopping was a priority.

We only had a short way to go before we would arrive at a suitable mooring place and after an hour and a half we had arrived and were battling against the wind trying to get LJ back parallel to the canal. Rough ropes, cold wet hands and a strong wind made the going very tough but manageable, just. Once inside and drying off a bit I felt a muscle tighten into a knot in my neck, whether it was the pain that made me feel sick or the memory that last time it happened was at Christmas just as one of my arteries decided it had enough of pumping blood, resulting in a spell in Poole hospital stroke unit, I’m not sure but I was rather relieved that with a sit down and a warm towel round my neck the pain subsided to a more manageable headache.

We didn’t have time before we left in the morning to have anything to eat or drink so I rustled up what I could as Deb lit the fire. (Still no genni but hoping to get it sorted after the bank hols) Homemade pot noodle was the order of the day and it actually tasted a lot nicer than it sounds. By now it was well after noon and the shopping trip loomed. We didn’t know what would be open or closed Monday or Tuesday so it really had to be today. The good news is that I miscalculated in a previous post and from our mooring to Morrison’s was only going to be about a 6/7 mile round trip. With full waterproofs and soggy walking boots back on it wasn’t something either of us were really looking forward to, particularly me as I looked through the drips running off my hood at the bike/trailer combo I was so proud of a couple of months ago wondering if I could get it up the hills to the supermarket and not even trying to think about the return journey with a full load of shopping. We arrived at as late as we dared as they were shutting at 4.00. The plan was to stop at their cafĂ© before shopping so I could have the cup of tea that I felt I so desperately needed, no time for that though and unfortunately they were shut by the time we were leaving the checkout. All the shopping is away now and its Deb’s turn to cook J

There is loads going on tomorrow in Hinckley for the Jubilee but unless there is a break in the weather I think I’ll charge up the batteries and do a bit of TV watching instead. We’re not one of the boats with flags and bunting adorning our boat, I’m happy to ‘get in the spirit of things’ but getting up to our budget in Morrison’s (other super markets are available – though not as good, 18 fresh rolls baked in store for £1!!) it was either flags or chocolate – no contest!

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