Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hot enough for sun hats!...

Sun hats AND sunglasses

Glad were close to town today! We’ve moved up closer to the locks but only by a mile or so. We need to use the elsan and rubbish disposal facilities at the top lock. We had an inkling that we would pop into Athertone as it was market day and then start the flight.

Today there is no breeze, once we are in town (about 10ish) we can feel the temperature rising quickly – it might get close to 30 deg c today.

Atherstone’s market square is only a small one but popular with the locals. The fruit and veg stall looked bountiful but not a patch on Leicester’s for quality and variety and the prices were at least double.

Market in front of the church

We had a brief look around the church, again very big for a town this size. It’s octagonal tower used to house a bell as heavy as a 50ft narrowboat. The 14 cwt lump was taken out hundreds of years ago as it was the type that swung in a full 180 degree arc. It was putting immense pressure on the tower so now stands on guard at the entrance.

Octagonal belfry
Atherstone is a pleasant and bustling town. Charity shops aplenty don’t do much to hide it’s demographic. Neither do all the signs offering discounted meals to OAP’s – how does two courses and coffee sound for £3, not bad eh!

Off the high-street
Back to the boat after buying a couple of Cornish sorry beef and vegetable short crust pasties (nice to see a local baker outselling the Greg's next door) and wait for late afternoon/early evening before taking on the flight. With no rain in sight until Sunday how long will it be before the authorities start imposing lock restrictions I wonder.

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